Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kindergarten Rodeo

Kindergarten wrapped up an exciting cowboys unit with a Texas rodeo!  The students had a blast and the teachers did too!  We are also so thankful to our room mom for helping us make the big day extra special.  We spent the morning listening to cowboy tunes as we traveled around the Kindergarten wing with a different activity in every classroom.  Check out the pictures/videos below to see how we spent our day:

Boot Toss:  Our little cowboys stood behind the starting line and tried to toss cubes into a pair of cowboy boots.

Hat Hoppin':  We rolled a dice to find out how many 'hops' we could take across a hat mat.  We had to roll the exact number of hops we needed to make it off of the mat.

Hat Scramble:  The students raced to see who could order the hats from largest to smallest and vice versa the fastest!

Cowboy Fashion Photo Shoot:  the cowboys and cowgirls got to dress in the flashiest cowboy attire and pose with the rodeo props to have their picture taken.

Cactus Craft:  We glued tissue paper 'flowers' to cactus die cuts. 

Bull Roping:  we practiced roping a bull (a giant Teddy Bear with makeshift paper 'bull horns') with hula hoops.

Gold Diggers:  We used strainers to dig for 'gold' out of a sand table.

Horse Relay:  We practiced our galloping by racing down the Kindergarten hall!

Branding Cattle:  Each kindergarten class branded a class cow with the first letter of their name.

Graphing Horses:  We 'fished' for horses out of a water table and then graphed the results of our scoop.

We even had some dancers!

...and lots of hugs!


  1. Had a great time being a part of this event! The kids really loved the galloping and the photo shoot. :)

  2. We were so happy to have you with us! The class is still talking about it :) We're working on a take home craft with our photos from the day too.

  3. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!