Saturday, March 24, 2012

Author's Chair

One of the most exciting parts of Kindergarten is taking turns in the Author's Chair to share our stories. Students are able to share their story after they have completed their book and have had a conference with me.  Tai was one of our featured authors on Friday and we enjoyed hearing his story about February.  After students finish sharing their book, we leave time for 'comments, questions, and suggestions' and the author is able to get some feedback on their story.  Some of Tai's compliments were that we liked his book because his words went with the pictures and we noticed a catchy pattern in his sentences.  It's hard to see in the video, but his title was "February" and so his front cover was adorned with February pictures such as Cupid's bow and arrow, hearts, and kisses.  The class noticed that he used some of the word boxes that one of our favorite non-fiction authors, Gail Gibbons, uses in her books.  We really loved the front cover and we talked about how the illustrations grabbed our attention and would make us want to pick his book off of a library shelf.  He even wrote his own caption on one heart that said, "Will you be my love?"!  His pages were then filled with all of the things he enjoys doing in February.

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