Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Day with JA

Our class was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Junior Achievement again this year, and we were especially honored to welcome Mrs. Kelley, an engineer from Emerson, to spend the day in our classroom.  She taught us about the value of different coins, the many ways we can earn and save money, and even left us with our own banks to get started in managing our finances!  We were particularly intrigued to hear that she had worked for NASA and had helped design the International Space Station.  She told us all about how the astronauts prepare to travel in outer space and about the giant training pool they use!  The class also got to hear about the exciting educational exhibits at Space Center Houston too, and I think many of the students are already trying to convince their parents to include NASA in their summer plans.  Mrs. Kelley took the time to thoroughly answer each student's questions (and we had plenty!) and helped us to see how what we've been learning in Math and Social Studies the last few months connects to the real, everyday world.  We hope to see Mrs. Kelley back again next year, and are so thankful for her volunteering her time to be with us.  

*To read more about the Junior Achievement initiative, please visit our May page.  

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  1. Mrs. Cortez,

    Thank you for a wonderful and memorable experience. I was truly blessed by being a part of your class representing JA and Emerson. I wish you and your students a safe, enriching and rewarding summer break.

    Denise Kelley