Monday, May 21, 2012

The Great Outdoors

Our study of plants and garden inhabitants has sparked some exciting individual research projects with our students. They have been diligently hunting for seeds in their fruits and vegetables in the cafeteria, as well as in the plants and flowers they have found outside at recess.  We have even had some students who carried out their investigations at home as well. 

Angelo showed off his pine cones, which we learned are the parts of the pine tree that carry the seeds.

Maribel brought in her watermelon seeds which we later added to the math counting sets station.

Stavros brought in a whole collection of seeds that he grouped into different categories and then wrote about.

Stavros's seed collection definitely proved that seeds can come in all different shapes, textures, colors, and sizes!

Breanna introduced us to a squirmy fellow she found in the soil.  She also found several snail shells!

Kailtyn showed us how plants can be used to inspire beautiful artistic masterpieces!  She shared with us that her grandmother is a florist, and she awed us with a lovely piece she made with petals from her grandma's shop.

Adan brought in a bright bouquet of dandelions.  He showed us where the roots had been and reminded us that the seeds are in the flowers.

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